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Our purpose is to equip ordinary people to live on mission by providing resources that help them thrive as they live out their callings in places where they live, work, learn, and play.


The KC Underground Podcast

Our friends at the KC Underground produce a weekly podcast offering greater language, tools and equipping around disciple-making principles for missionaries and microchurch leaders.

The PHXU Pathway Primer

The PHXU Pathway Primer is an invitation to go back and rediscover Jesus’ original design for His church and to go forward by reimagining what that design looks like in our day, in our city.

The Daniel Fast Guide

This resource is a practical guide to a type of fasting called the “Daniel Fast” which comes from the story of Daniel in the Bible. Access the resource to learn how to engage in a Daniel Fast.  

Discovery Bible Study

What are Discovery Groups?

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Discovery Bible Study Process

Coaching Tips for Facilitators

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Scripture Lists

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These churches gather in various homes or neutral meeting places weekly to grow together in relationship with God and with one another. Support and training about what it means to be on mission, make disciples that make disciples, and prayer for one another are common activities in these churches. Days and times vary. For questions, please contact [email protected].

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Personal Coaching

Our disciple makers are teamed with individuals who disciple them in their relationship with God, and equip and encourage them in how to disciple others.


For details regarding prayer rhythms for Phoenix Underground, please see the Prayer Tab. Weekly prayer meetings are held on Zoom for Phoenix and for Arizona.

Contact for more information.

Extraordinary Prayer & Fasting

Weekly: Wednesday evening to Thursday dinner
  • Every move of God starts with a prayer movement.
  • Prayer focus for this weekly rhythm will be breakthrough for kingdom movements in Phoenix and surrounding communities throughout Arizona as well as your target area.
  • Together, we will be expecting a fresh move of God in our communities, city and state!
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Encounter Gatherings

These are times of celebration and gathering with other disciple leaders from across the Phoenix Valley. Meetings are held several times a year in person, and include worship, prayer, communion, sharing and food.

Personal Discovery Process

The Personal Discovery Process is uniquely designed to help individuals discover who they are in Christ by identifying their spiritual gifts and calling combined with their unique personality traits.  Online tests are utilized and compiled for an individual session where test explanation and prophetic and personal ministry are shared. Contact [email protected] for more information.
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The Mission Pathway Huddle equips and empowers everyday followers of Jesus to make disciples within their existing networks of relationships using an on-the-go training environment.

We believe these rhythms will be pivotal in helping us to stay on course as we continue to develop habits towards becoming a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples.