Our Teams

The Phoenix Underground is an organic, decentralized network of churches

…and an organized, centralized Hub of teams committed to equipping ordinary people and churches throughout our city and beyond. We believe that all followers of Jesus are called to go and make disciples. We want to be a sending and equipping agency for ordinary people to be on mission. These equipping teams are ready and eager to help you walk in the mission Jesus has created you for.

Lissa Hinman

Personal Calling and Care Team

We believe that every person is created with a unique purpose.  Calling within the body of Christ is not limited to a few paid professionals.  We have all been called and sent.  Lissa Hinman leads the Personal Calling and Care team that helps ordinary people understand how they were created, who they have been sent to and how to overcome their enemy.  This team empowers mission catalysts to gain clarity on their personal calling as well as consider personal wellbeing in mind, body and soul as they pursue it.

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David Hinman

Startup Coaching Team

The Startup Coaching Team has a strategic plan and vision to identify and launch new disciple makers. This team is led by David Hinman, a catalyst for movement in Phoenix. The coaches help you dream up new opportunities, inspire and connect with potential teammates, and strategize with others to access new missional contexts. As ordinary people are sent to new people and places within the city, Startup coaches are there to journey with them.

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Graham Cathers

Ongoing Coaching Team

The Ongoing Coaching team exists to inspire, engage, connect and empower ordinary people, churches, and networks through continuous and consistent coaching. This team of coaches, led by Graham Cathers, knows that the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the people involved in and leading churches is critical. This team connects with ordinary people and church leaders in order to help them flourish in all four areas. Their aim is to optimize the impact of churches and Kingdom initiatives that are already launched.

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Brian Miller

International Students

The Phoenix area has some of the largest populations of international students and refugees in the United States. Brian Miller, a catalyst for Gospel movement, works with a team who are seeking to make disciples among these many people groups. This team helps those who have a heart for movement among the people and the nations, helping individuals to start engaging internationals right here in the Phoenix Valley.   

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Media Team

The Underground Media team exists to provide ordinary people and church leaders with creative services ranging from branding to websites. This team of artists and creatives will work directly with you to create a platform for communicating your vision to the city. We know that now more than ever, having a digital presence and cohesive branding can elevate your voice and increase awareness of how you’re making this a better world to live in.

*The PHX Underground is currently searching for a gifted communications director to lead this team. If you are interested, please send your information to [email protected].

2 girls sitting on floor

Family and Children Team

The Family and Children Team works with the network of churches to help create pathways for simple, holistic disciple-making within families. We believe disciple-making happens best within a family structure, spiritual or biological. Our heart is to equip extended spiritual families by creating environments where they can encounter, engage and learn the rhythms and ways of Jesus. This is not a typical children’s ministry program. We believe children have a significant role to play in the Kingdom of God and it is our heart to raise the next generation to know Jesus, love Jesus, walk in His ways and to take Jesus to our neighbors, friends, and people in our community.

*The PHX Underground is currently searching for a gifted children’s director to lead this team. If you are interested, please send your information to [email protected].

Operations Team

The Underground Operations teams serves the ordinary people, churches, and the equipping teams of the Phoenix Underground. The focus for the team is on developing the necessary infrastructure to support all the aspects of ministry through project management, systems, technology and communication. This growing team also provides and oversees financial and administrative services that serve the ever-growing network of ministries within the Phoenix Underground.

*The PHX Underground is currently searching for a gifted operations director to lead this team. If you are interested, please send your information to [email protected].